The Executive Team

Leadership position expectations are defined by the six core values of Texas A&M. Aside from these character and behavior expectations, those selected to a leadership position are expected to uphold and display the values and mission of the Sisterhood of Aggie Mentors in whatever manner their position prescribes. Feel free to contact any member of the exec team with any questions or if you need help in an area.


President: Erin laurel

ERin is a SENIOR psychology major with a minor in neuroscience from Fulshear, texas. She manages all matters regarding all missions and the vision of SAM, as well as mentorship. Her fun fact is that she is a certified scuba diver!
Contact: (832) 729-0778 or erinlaurel@tamu.edu


 Internal Vice President: britt young

Britt is a SENIOR political science major from Austin, Texas. As the Internal Vice President she handles the mission and purpose of SAM with our President, while also coordinating our bi-weekly speakers. If you have any conflicts affecting your SAM membership or participation, contact her. Her fun fact is that she is left handed!
Contact: (512) 809-2130 or brittyoung@tamu.edu


Meagan is a Junior sociology Major from nacogdoches, Texas. As the External vice president she handles the mission and purpose of sam with our president, along with overseeing all matters regarding mentorship. Her fun fact is that she has heard every taylor swift song ever made!
Contact: (936) 645- 3340 or meagan.coffee@tamu.edu

 external Vice President: meagan coffee


Loren is a Senior communication Major from wichita falls, Texas. As the Marketing Director she is in charge of publicity, marketing, merchandising, and media. Feel free to reach out to Loren if you have any questions. Her fun fact is that she loves to travel! Contact: (940) 235- 8942 or lorencoburn@tamu.edu

Marketing Director: Loren coburn


Financial Development Director: Arden robertson

Paige is a Senior psychology Major from wichita falls, Texas. She handles all business regarding mentorship or philanthropy in the community and how SAM engages in it. Her fun fact is that she is a twin!
Contact: (940) 500-5446 or paige511@tamu.edu

Outreach Director: Paige coburn

Arden is a Senior education Major from austin, Texas. As the Financial Executive she is in charge of anything regarding finances, such as profit shares, dues, donations and budgeting for SAM. Reach out to arden regarding any questions you have over these matters. Her fun fact is that she can talk with her mouth closed!
Contact: (737) 932-5610 or ardenr@tamu.edu

Membership Development Director: Elise hughes

IMG_6302 (1).jpg

Elise is a Junior University studies child professional services major from katy, Texas. She oversees all new membership curriculum. Let her know if you have any questions over rush events, informational, points, and records. Her fun fact is that she has cats all named after literary people!
Contact: (210) 427-3676 or elise.hughes2019@gmail.com


Social Director: emma raines

Our Social Director, emma, is a SENIOR rpts Major from grapeland, Texas. She manages anything over social events including, but not limited to: date parties, mixers, retreats, semi-formal, and formal. Her fun fact is that she was a volunteer firefighter in high school!
Contact: (936) 222-6193 or emarieraines@tamu.edu