How do I maintain my membership in SAM?

How much are dues?

Membership is kept by attending all general meetings, paying dues by deadlines, and collecting enough points through social and outreach events.

Some of the fun social events we have include mixers, date parties, semi formal, formal, philanthropy events, holiday parties, etc.

Who can join SAM?

Sisterhood of Aggie Mentors is a non-discriminatory organization that welcomes and encourages any and all students who feel led to join the organization. It welcomes all females enrolled at Texas A&M, Blinn, or Blinn Team.

Dues will be $200 for the first semester for every member and will be $180 every consecutive semester. Dues will be paid at the beginning of each semester to the Financial Development Director with the assistance of the Executive Team.

When can I join SAM?

New members will be selected in the Fall after our application and interview process has been completed.

What are the goals of SAM?

We plan to focus our mentorship on Schools in the BCS area. We will participate in outreach events that the principal and other staff deem beneficial to the students. We will build relationships with the elementary, intermediate, middle and high school girls and pursue active character development through mentorship. We plan to serve the community through selecting a philanthropy to partner with and performing service projects. We plan to cultivate relationships between members of S.A.M. through social events and to adequately train members to successfully students.

What are some of the social events with SAM?


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